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What is the minimum age to get a tan?

Anyone under 18 CAN NOT TAN according the FDA, unless they have a doctors prescription.

Is indoor tanning better than outdoor tanning?

Indoor tanning gives you your desired depth of color by building a beautiful tan in a controlled environment, without the carcinogens found in many commercial sunscreens, while greatly reducing the risk of overexposure. Indoor tanning also does not utilize UVC, or radiation-rays, that you are exposed to outside. In addition to the physical benefits, many Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, which lowers your immune system, and tanning helps boost your vitamin D levels naturally. (In fact, our giant bronzing bed was developed by a German doctor specifically for the health benefits!) Let our trained professionals help you map out a plan to build your tan safely and efficiently!

Can I wear my contact lenses while tanning?

Yes, you can. But we do recommend that you close your eyes and eye wear is also required per the FDA while you are in the session.

Does Red Light Therapy tan you?

Red Light Therapy is purely therapeutic, with zero negative side effects.

What are the measures undertaken to ensure hygiene?

Each machine is thoroughly disinfected after each client and every towel and robe replaced and sanitized between customers. All the pillows, covers, sheets, towels, and protective eyewear are replaced with new clean ones after each use.

How often should a beginner tan?

This is a question that should be discussed with one of our staff. Every client has a different skin tone and tanning capabilities. Our professionals are trained to help you achieve your perfect glow without burning, for even the most sensitive skin types!

What is the purpose of using a tanning lotion?

The tanning lotion helps in replenishing the moisture lost while tanning. Dry skin is observed to reflect the UV light. Hence while not using a lotion, almost 50% of UV light is wasted.

Is tanning lotion really necessary?

ABSOLUTELY! Tanning lotion balances your skin’s Ph to perfectly absorb the UV Rays! Without prepped, moisturized skin, you are losing over 50% of the tanning beds effectiveness. Tanning lotions also provide other benefits. We have lotions specific to many needs, such as extra moisture, bronzing, anti-aging, skin firming and more! Just as you wouldn’t brush your teeth without toothpaste, you do not want to tan without your lotion.

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